The Continuing Story of a Soft Ascension into Cast Off Situations is an ongoing, to never be "finished," collage series. It is semi-narrative cheap (less fiscally (but not always) than characteristically (but not always)) neo-surrealism, occupied by a large cast of recurring motifs & figures/characters, each supported by their own shifting symbolic meaning or lack thereof. These works largely avoid backgrounds or landscapes in the hope of keeping their pictorial status less as "scenes" and more as situations. The collage method I employ does not necessarily follow the standard found image juxtaposition, but instead borrows a page from Matisse's late art arthritic playbook: use large found blocks of color (always look for large format inexpensive magazines) to create the visual image.

paper on paper on board, 2012 3.jpg
That Old Kook Lacan Sez "Love Chooses You"

paper on paper, 2012
Ambient Masculinity

ink, paper on paper, 2012
Tautologies & Architecture

paper on paper, 2011
Ballon Noir

ink, paper on paper, 2010

ink, paper on paper, 2009
Dialectics in Synthetic Material

paper on paper, 2010
Lady Lightbulb

ink, paper on paper, 2008
The Unsung Siren

ink, paper on paper on board, 2009
You Mentally Command With Your Mind Alone!

ink, paper on paper on board, 2008
Composition #2

paper on paper, 2008

ink, paper on paper, 2007
Dumb Color Theory

ink, paper on paper, 2008

paper on paper, 2006

paper on paper, 2007
Don't Fear

paper on paper, 2004

paper on paper, 2005
The March

paper on paper, 2003