Performed by Alejandro Acierto & Jesse Malmed & Jimmy Schaus & Liz McCarthy, February 5th, 2017 @ Mana Contemporary, Chicago

Micro-revolutions happen everyday, they’re just so miniature we can’t see them. A Song an Hour presents a cycle of literal micro-revolutions: one performer for one hour sings one song of their choice over and over until the hour is finished (program length: 4 hours/4 performers). A Song an Hour is a live mixtape for the Andy Warhol Instagram filter age: repetition and endurance—long a bedfellow for the market and critical but complicit art strategies—is put under a literal spotlight and surrogated through the simple act of song. When we sing the same thing over and over again, can we accidentally stumble upon a new note, a new gesture, a new moment, a new economy?

Book of essays by the performers and me that accompanied the event can be read in PDF form HERE