7/21/18 "Egresswasm 3", Cincinnati, OH

7/20/18 Curator: "The Madeline Stowe Show(e)" Pique Gallery, Covington, KY

6&7/18 Bail or No: The Impossible Tricks Show 2 screening TBA St. Louis & The Nightingale, Chicago

6/18 Luminary Resident, St. Louis

3/18-21/18 editor, contributor for catalogue accompanying Lauren Sudbrink's exhibition "Escape Orchestra" at Roman Susan Gallery, Rogers Park

Fall/Winter 17/18 "Something Else Press and the Production of Fluxus" Counter Signals, Vol. 2; "Hobie, Hubris, Highwaymen: Impossible Tricks" Incite Journal #7

Past Events

2/24/16 "Expanded Art History for Plants #1: Inert but Sentient Love" @ the UIC Greenhouse w/ Deanna Ledezma, Liz Cambron, & Steve Kemple

3/4/16 "Benjamin Patterson's Aesthetic Indigestion" paper presentation at Indiana University's "Digesting Discourses" conference

""Expanded Art History for Plants #2: How Does an Archive Think?" w/ Kelly Lloyd, Jen Delos Reyes, & Matthew Jesse Jackson

3/31/16 Short film screening as part of Begin Anywhere: John Cage in Contemporary Film @ the Carnegie, Covington, KY

4/9/16 Up in the Air exhibition with Lauren Sudbrink @ Skylab, Columbus, OH

"Expanded Art History for Plants #3: How Am I Not Myself?" w/ Hannah Higgins, Kelly Lloyd, & Nellie Kluz

4/29/16 "Late Night Avant-Garde" paper presentation at Northwestern University's "A Feast of Astonishments" symposium

5/10/16Leading a performance of Alison Knowles' Shoes of Your Choice at The Block Museum, Evanston, IL 3:15 - 4:00PM

5/11/16"Expanded Art History for Plants #4: The Sound of Utopia" w/Alejandro Acierto, Deborah Stratman, Lauren Sudbrink, Mark Harris

7/3/16 Egresswasm @ Chase Public, Cincinnati, OH

10/27/16 "How is Art History Like a Studio" @ MACAA 2016, University of Cincinnati

2/5/17 "A Song an Hour" @ Mana Contemporary (Part of 2nd Floor Rear) w/ Alejandro Acierto, Jesse Malmed, Jimmy Schaus, Liz McCarthy

5/13/17 "The Dangerous Professors" Triumph Gallery, Chicago, IL

7/1/17 "Egresswasm" at Chase Public,
Cincinnati, OH

9/8/17 "Reunions, or: Our Beloved Ghosts of the Past, how have they created the illusion that the masses are in control?" w/Lauren Sudbrink, screening at Hilston/Asmus Contemporary, Chicago, IL