Our Beloved Ghosts of the Past, Right Now, Have They Created the Illusion that the Masses are in Control?

This short film re-enacts the famous “Reunion” collaborative performance from 1968 of a chess match between John Cage and Marcel Duchamp. One actor plays both roles, alternating between the “white knight” (Duchamp) and the “dark horse” (Cage). This is accomplished by a “costume change” in between each chess move. The score of the match has been updated to feature songs from the film “Fantasia,” a signifier of modernity into postmodernity, representative of the move from Duchamp to Cage. This film attempts to consider the position of being someone else, particularly from the position of a woman, and the slipperiness of citation and valorization.

With Lauren Sudbrink

Originally made for "Begin Anywhere," a screening of films considering the legacy of John Cage, at the Carnegie, Covington, KY in 2016.