Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum (Nicki Davis, Marc Governanti, Suzy Irwin, Reid Radcliffe, Chris Reeves, Sarah Byth-Stephens, Loraine Wible, Matt Wiseman) was an artist run gallery space in Cincinnati from late 2009-late 2012. Exhibitions were committed to institutional critique, Fluxus spirit, amateurism, play, humor, and installation. Nearly consecutively, MGGM had over 33 exhibitions and exhibited over 100 artists in its short life-span. Included here are exhibitions of which I directly "curated" or collaborated on and shows that should have/would have happened had we stayed open in 2013.

MGGM Sycamore St. Cincinnati Location
Re-Do Show Entrance View/Johns' Re-do by Alan Pocaro
Girls Doing Guys entrance View/mannequins from Chicken Lays an Egg, Videos by Loraine Wible
Co. is For Collaborative
Day of Trigammatron (collaboration between Chris Reeves, Loraine Wible, Alan Pocaro, Marc Governanti, and Dan Frease)
Romance Show Piece by Matt Morris and Eric Ruschman
Brighton/Central Ave. Cincinnati Location 2011
Phrenological Makeover entrance view
Emilio Gomariz's piece Scrolling The Universe
HOUPT2: The End entrance view
Sandwich by Denise Burge
MGGM Finale Entrance View
Finale piece by Alex Walp