Chris Reeves


PhD (in progress) – Art History, 2014- present
University of Illinois at Chicago
MA – Art History, 2012
University of Cincinnati, DAAP
Concentration on Fluxus, 20th Century and Contemporary Art
BA – Art History, 2010
University of Cincinnati, DAAP

Courses Taught
AH180: Introduction to Museums and Exhibitions, University of Illinois at Chicago
AH234: Histories of New Media: Artists on Television, University of Illinois at Chicago
AH110, 111: World History of Art and the Built Environment I & II, University of Illinois at Chicago
AR1004: Art Appreciation, Antonelli College, Cincinnati, OH
CC1104: The Freshman Experience, Antonelli College, Cincinnati OH
ID2524: Intro to Commercial Design, Antonelli College, Cincinnati, OH
ARTH1001, 1002: History of Art 1& II, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Awards & Residencies
2018 - The Luminary Residency Program, St. Louis, Missouri
2017 - Provost & Deiss Award for Graduate Research, University of Illinois at Chicago

TBA - "Classical Muddly: The Portsmouth Sinfonia" w/Aaron Walker, Soberscove Press, Chicago, IL
2018 - "Hero, Highwayman, Hobie, Hubris: Impossible Tricks" in Incite: Journal of Experimental Media #7
2017 - "Allographies in the Annex: Something Else Press and the Production of Fluxus" in Counter Signals #2
2016 - "O' Hyphen, What Grace is Thee?" essay for accompanying publication for exhibition Hyphen Makings, University of Illinois at Chicago
2015 - current - Staff writer for Chicago New City (City Paper)
2015 - "Late Night Avant Garde," Lt. Paper (essay for accompanying program for Live to Tape Festival, Chicago, IL)
2014 – “Continued on Page,” Pretentious Writings #1, Porto, Portugal (forthcoming)
2013 – (translation with Andre Alves) Collecting Collections and Concepts/Uma Viagem Iconoclasta por Colecoes de Coisas em Forma De Assim
eds. Mendes, Paulo; Jurgen, Sandra Vieria
FCG + In Transit Editions
2013 – “Game Day 2k12,” (essay & documentation of performance piece), Emergency Index 2012, Ugly Duckling Press
2011 – 2012 Staff writer for, an online art criticism website
2012 – “Cynthia 3000,” (essay) Aubuscule No.4, Recto Verso
2011 – “The Bad Idea Series: The Death Beam,” (essay), The Things That My Friends Say #6, CS13
2010 – “Sound Effects for an Angry 21st Century Mob,” (essay), Compost Magazine, published in an edition of 100

2/6/18 - "Fluxus Games and Play" SAIC, Chicago, IL
7/17/17 - "Egresswasm" Chase Public, Cincinnati, OH
10/27/16 - "How is Art History a Studio?," MACAA Conference 2016, University of Cincinnati
7/3/16 - "Eggresswasm," Chase Public, Cincinnati, OH
4/29/16 - "Late Night Avant Garde" part of "Charlotte Moorman: A Feast of Accomplishments," Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
2/24 - 5/18 - Conceptual coordinator and organizer of "Expanded Art History for Plants" a monthly lecture series at the UIC greenhouse
3/4/16 - "Whipped Cream and Coffee Grounds in the Ellipses: Benjamin Patterson's Aesthetic Indigestion," part of "Digesting Discourses" at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
2/10/16 - "This Might be a Discussion Forum," part of "Mutual Interpretation" University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL
8/20/14 – “Fluxus Scores and Instructions”, Cincinnati Public Library
6/6/12 – “Q:What is Fluxus?” guest lecture, Miami University, Oxford, OH
4/15/11 – “On Fluxus Instruction,” guest lecture, Northern Kentucky University


2/14/14 – “Villains!” The Green Building, Louisville, KY
6/1/13 - “Art? An Exhibition of Potential Misfires,” Semantics, Cincinnati, OH
2/24/12 – “Overcast: A Social Forecast in Collage & Etc.,” Semantics, Cincinnati, OH
11/3/2007 – “100 Collages.” Southgate House Gallery, Newport, KY

Selected Group Exhibitions

9/17 - "History of the Chess Queen" Hilton/Asmus Contemporary, Chicago, IL
5/17 - "The Dangerous Professors" Triumph, Chicago, IL
4/9/16 - "Up in the Air," Skylab, Columbus, OH
3/31/16 - "Begin Anywhere: John Cage on Film," The Carnegie, Covington, KY (forthcoming)
2/10/16 - "Some Percussive Value, Etc." A Dining Room in Chicago, Chicago, IL
7/17/15 - "Plays the Hits," Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2/6/15 - "Most Likely to Succeed," Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
11/22/14 - "Consensus Con," Outer Space, Chicago, IL
6/27/14 – “The Meanest of Them Sparkled,” Thundersky Inc, Cincinnati, OH
4/1/14 - "Gambado," Helsinki, Finland
2/28/14 – “The Alphabet Show,” Rock Paper Scissors, Cincinnati, OH
9/27/13 – “Vibrational Natures” Hobohaus, Cincinnati, OH
12/21/12 – “Boudin Blanc,” Atelier Recto Verso, Reims, France
4/12/12 – “Fakin’ it,” Philip M. Meyers Memorial Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 8
2/12/12 – “PDF Release and Party,” CAGE, New York, NY
8/6/11 – “The Hall of Shame,” Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
3/5/11 – “The People Who Make Us Smile,” u-turn, Cincinnati, OH
10/1/10 – Performance and Time arts Lab, Contemporary Dance Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
2/13/09 – “Dirty Show X,” Bert’s Warehouse Theatre, Detroit, MI
1/24/08 – “Maps: You Can Create, ” (traveling exhibition), London and Northampton, England
5/4/07 –“Concept and Form,” Marx Gallery, Covington, KY

Curatorial Practice
7/20/18 - "The Madeleine Stowe Showe" Pique Gallery, Covington, KY
2/4/17 - "A Song an Hour," Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL for 2nd Floor Rear
4/9 – 4/11/15 “Suite” co-curated with Jennifer Chan and Chris Collins for the Museums and the Web Conference at the Hilton Palmer House, Chicago, IL with support from the MCA

8/15/15 - "Bail or No? The Impossible Tricks Show," Lohio, Cincinnati, OH
8/9/14 “The Traveling Show,” University of Cincinnati; Rock Paper Scissors, Cincinnati; Tinderbox Cincinnati
5/28/14 “The Moon Show,” semantics, Cincinnati, OH

10/6/12 “MGGM And The Mystery of the Closing Gallery”
9/1/12 “SandwichFocus”
8/4/12 “The History of the Universe Part Two: The End”
7/7/12 “The History of the Universe Part One: In the Beginning”
11/5/11 “Phrenological Makeover”
8/26/11 “Good Vibrations: Denise Burge and Abby Cornelius”
7/20/11 “The Romance Show”
12/17/10 “Girls Doing Guys: 20 Females Present the Ideal Male”
08/27/10 “Three Plays that End with an Atomic Explosion/Not a Member Of: New Works by Alan Pocaro”
4/17/10 – “The Re-Do Show”

Third Party Gallery
9/7/13 – “Standard Formats: Unknown Drawing”
3/16/13 – “Hit Parade”
12/15/12 – “Staring Eyes: Yule Logs”
4/17/12 – “Art for Sport”
1/7/12 – “Gameday2k12”
12/3/11 – “A Whole New World”

12 Contributors, 5 Publications, 5 Years, "Classical Muddly," Julia Klein, Temporary Services
“Celebrating the Portsmouth Sinfonia and Other Fluxus-Inspired Acts,” CityBeat, July 15th, 2015.
“Thing-stead Press Releases New Publication,” Newcity, February 23rd, 2015.
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