series in collaboration
with Aaron Walker.

----Titles so far----

1. Exercises In Style Manual - A hybrid of Raymond Queneau's Exercises In Syle and a public school style manual.

2. Oulaf Pataphysique - A two volume work of prose, smut and imagined sculptures by Arthur Brum.

3- Legend and History - A text of gaps, presenting only the highlights and notations of an anonymous reader, Ryand Wharton turns M. Carton and S. Hutin's The Alchemists into lack poetry.

4 - Classical Muddly - A small compendium that outlines the history of "the world's worst orchestra", 1970's Portsmouth Sinfonia, as told through essays, interviews, infographics, reprints of bad reviews, and a cassette tape of the theoretical implications of "bad" music. With contributions by Lizzy Duquette, Mark Harris, David Saunders, Jeffrey Steele. My essay can be found HERE.

5. Games and Puzzles for Fun & Popularity - an index of games, both real and imagined, complete and incomplete, impossible and un-passable. With contributions by Amanda Lee Anderson, Ionit Behar, Chris Collins, Grace Cross, Tim Duke, Steve Kemple, Mike Lopez, Jesse Malmed, Lindsey Nehls, Bailey Romaine, Kyle and Theo Schlie, Deborah Stratman, Loraine Wible.