Villains! took place in the winter of 2014 at the Green Building Gallery in Louisville and was co-authored with Matt Wiseman. The work in the show was a look at the concept of Resistentialism, the theory that inanimate objects hold hostility toward human beings - think a set of lost keys or an ink pen running out of ink during a written exam. Wiseman exemplified this by creating a near impossible putting hole - golf is always a site of resistential action (lost golf ball, sand trap) and I presented a series of collages that explored whether you could make an inanimate object hostile to you or not: the works were composed of a wealth of materials that were from sentimental or personal sources (the red in a figure's face came from the red of a Valentine's Day card from an ex, etc.). In this way collage was used to create something of a Frankenstein's monster, by creating a container (art object) made up of material ephemera that was painful or nostalgic to think about for the author and therefore a hostile object of my own making. In a way, it was new work that exemplified my life's hubris. Further, due to the terrible winter of 2014, this exhibition was barely open to the public (snow, of course, is always out to make our lives harder).