In light of a thinking towards the banality of empirical judgement in our Facebook dictated "like/unlike" culture, the exhibition "Art? An Exhibition of Potential Misfires" (Cincinnati, Semantics, 2013) I presented my most ambiguous work (in terms of concept and quality) in a public exhibition space, alongside a ballot form that corresponded to each piece, allowing the gallery-goer to "vote" on the merits, or lack thereof, of the work. Each week a piece would be destroyed dependent on the will of the public. Works destroyed are presented here along with show documentation.
Art? An Exhibition of Potential Misfires Show Card
Image Suicide

paper on paper, frame, 2013 (destroyed)
Mountain Critics

3 posterboard mountains, tape, paint, audio, with Bob Ross School of Art on easel, 2013. Each Mountain voiced by an artist/critic and gave a 1 minute visual critique of a found Bob Ross School of Art painting.
Mountain Critic #1

posterboard, paint voiced by Andre Alves
Mountain Critic #2

posterboard, paint voiced by Loraine Wible
Mountain Critic #3

posterboard, paint, tape, audio by Maria Seda-Reeder
The Anvil Fell on the Guy, The Fish Fell on the Anvil, A Bomb Fell on the Fish, The Picture is Destroyed

ink, paper on wood, sawdust, 2013
The Diving Man

Found green diving man figure from "Mouse Trap" board game, paint-matched-to-figure painted pedestal, 2013
Ambient Music

paper music note inside small plastic container, 2013 (Destroyed)
The Winkies

image made in Microsoft Word program, digital print, 2013