Gameday 2k12 was a collaborative performance created with Wyatt Niehaus at Third Party Gallery, Cincinnati in 2012. The press below is taken from the description of the piece found in the annual performance art encyclopedia book Emergency Index from 2012:

For Gameday2k12 we wanted to consider relational aesthetics as less a democratic participatory art event, but one that exemplifies Claire Bishop’s notion of antagonism in relational aesthetics. Bishop posits antagonism as as a necessary, sustaining, and prevailing component of democracy (and a democratic society). Therefore the microtopias in relational art that Nicolas Bourriaud espouses, are put under scrutiny as oversimplifying the nature of true democracy.
We installed a basketball rim above the rear atrium of Third Party Gallery, and on the night of the performance set out three basketballs, accessible to anyone entering the gallery. We had six performers waiting in the wings for whenever someone picked up a basketball and attempted to play. When someone did pick up a basketball it was either knocked out of the hand of the person, or “stolen,” used (DUNKED) and not given back to the person/viewer/participant who picked it up. Gameday2k12, presents an opportunity to engage in a community event; that opportunity is ultimately denied.